Firefighter I & II is an entry level course for new firefighters that includes a combination of classroom study, scenarios, and homework to prepare the firefighter to carry out fire ground functions under the direct supervision of an officer or experienced firefighter.  Course length is 420 hours.  Prerequisites include: HazMat awareness, stress first aid, infection control and a current medical clearance including a fit test, medical physical, and OSHA Respirator Questionnaire.  This course also includes the HazMat Operations, LPG Lecture, Mayday Firefighter Down, Mayday RITCO certifications that are required for uniform rank.


The Prince William County Public Safety Training Center, located in Nokesville, Virginia, provides state of the art training for career and volunteer firefighters, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and paramedics in one of the most progressive combination fire and rescue departments in the country.  The Training Center conducts basic training, advanced training, and emergency medical services (EMS) training.


The System offers continuing training opportunities for all of its members.

  • Driver Training

  • Fire Officer

  • Fire Instructior